zondag 1 augustus 2010

#024/365: Inception Night


It's a must-watch of the year! :) I watched it with AU at UGC Brouckere in Brussels. And I am still going crazy over it even till now! Christopher Nolan is a freaking genius!

Afterwards, we went to see Brussels from the bird's eye angle (the one that fly really low to be more exact). Where was it? It was at the Parking 58 building, 10th floor. I took the tips from Use It Map.

I really don't know why the tourist guide makes a big fuzz about this place, it is not that special. First of all, there are ugly fences that block your view. (I know it's for protection and stuff) Secondly I don't think it's high enough to be recommended as the right place to see the overall city of Brussels.

Well anyways.. Guess what building/statue in the pic??
Answer: ǝɔɐld puɐɹƃ llɐɥ ʎʇıɔ

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