maandag 19 juli 2010

Please Don't Be a Pleaser

Dear pleaser of the worlds,

Now I know why the most important thing in life is to meet your own expectations and not other people's expectations. Because........
(1) You could spend your lifetime trying to hear that praising sentence to come while person that supposed to praise you does not even bother to say it because well.. they simply don't care or other things.
(2) Earning the "stars" form other people will not be the same as earning your own stars. Because at the end, the cruel-est judgement you'll get and the most flattering compliment you'll ever receive are from yourself.
(3) Life would be meaningful with a vision, that is your own. Following other people's visions will make the life, well.. depressing.

I remember what Kings of Convenience wrote on Misread:

The loneliest people are the ones who always spoke the truth

Sometimes we are trying so hard to please everybody because we do not want to be alone. We want to be accepted. But I believe that you will be stumbled at the point where you think that it's not worth it. F* people F* real world and just let me live.

Sincerely, PMS

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