woensdag 14 april 2010

iCandy (short story for old creative writing class)

I woke up today and felt hectically ecstatic. Today is supposed to be the day in which I will have my first performance alongside my friend Ms. Cookies and Mr. Choco in the bouquet display. I am overwhelmingly excited. Today is going to be the best day of my life! I can tell!

My name is Lollygum. I live in iCandy, a sweetest store in the universe, which sells lots and lots of varieties of sweets.

The morning went by as usual. The girl opened the store and hit the lights on. There we are, in each wall of the square shaped store, full rack of every thinkable candy in the world. The soft pink stripes wallpaper surely illustrates the ever-tempting sweetness of the candies.

If you enter the store, you will find the chocolates gang on the left hand side, the darks, the whites, the milks, and all the kinds. Next wall from them, there are the jellybeans, the gummy bears, the marshmallows, and all their siblings. And on the right hand side, you will find all the cookies bouquet and all the candy parcels. And finally in the centre of the store there are the lollypops. That is where I spent my day.

In a candy world, your personality is defined by your physical appearance. For example, the chocolates are rich, the jawbreakers are tough, and the gummy bears are cute and lovable. So in our world, the books are indeed judged by their covers.

As for me, I am a lollygum. If I live in a human world I would be what they called a mixed race. I am a combination of a lollypop and a bubble gum. The gum is inside the lollypop clearly. And I am hard on the outside but soft on the inside. I am very sensitive and a hopeless romantic inside. I could be flexible as well.

We candies are only born to disappear, in someone’s mouth preferably. But don’t get us wrong; we do serve a magnificent purpose along the way. That is to make the human fat! Like that sitcom said a moment in the lips forever in the hips! Just kidding. My mission is to make them happy. Clearly there are various way to accomplish this mission and I planned to do it by performing in the sweets bouquet that iCandy is famous for.

Beside that I am also excited because I am going to spend the day with the boy. He is a clerk slash bouquet maker in the iCandy store, my home. I have been eyeing him since the first time they placed me here, And today I finally got the chance to spend more time with him.

When I first saw the boy I thought to myself, I think I’m in love. I first saw him when he was making the bouquet in front of the lollypop stall. He seemed very careful, the way he took the basket from the counter and placed the colorful paper carefully. He wore a pair of glasses that kept going lower every time he looked down. It is very interesting to watch him work. I have never seen such a thing. My heart was filled with warmth and my lips could not stop smiling.

The noon crawled in and it was time for him to make the bouquet. He took me out of my seat and placed me on the counter made of glass next to Ms. Cookies and Mr. Choco. Below the counter you could see some candies bouquets. He lifted me up from the counter looked slightly amazed and put me down again. He glanced at me and he giggled.

My heart was full of excitement and question marks. Does he like me? Does he think I am cute enough? Does my pink warp paper look all right? Before he started making the bouquet, he observed me, Ms. Cookies and Mr. Choco, but I think he liked me the most. The way he looked at me and held me made me complete. I have never felt this way before.

Suddenly the girl called him up. Oh no I thought to myself. Don’t go away. I long for another bit of spending time with you. A few moments later he came again. My heart was beating so fast when I saw him getting closer. I felt weird though, like this thing is not supposed to happen. I fell in love with the wrong creature.

He glanced at me again and I looked away. I glanced at him and he smiled. I looked away. I tried to grab his attention by dropping myself to the lower level of the counter. He grabbed me and put me back. I smiled. He took his bag and pulled out a bottle of water. He drank it with such passion that made it very interesting to watch.

He grabbed me again for another time. I smiled again, tried hard to hide the giggles. He tried to fix my pink wrap paper. I kept smiling and thinking how happy I am.

Suddenly he tore my pink wrap paper out. I was terribly in shock I did not know what I should do. At some time I realized he wanted to eat me. I smiled again. Suddenly it all went black.

The boy

Okay so this is it, another sweets bouquet to make. What a pleasure, my sarcastic mind thought. Everything is so wrong in this world. A boring job, a messed up study, a broken family, and loneliness. Lots and lots of loneliness. Ironically, I have to make the stupid bouquet for people who have exactly the opposite of me. Wow such joy! As if there is nothing better to do than making this bouquet.

I gathered all the cookies, the chocolates, and the last one, my favorite candy of all time, the bubble gum lollypop. I place them all on the counter. I cut the pinkish dotted ribbon and prepared the “happy valentine” sign. Another wasted Valentines day with no one to celebrate it with. Well I think I don’t care about it anymore.

When I am about to start, the girl called me over.

“I need to go to the supermarket, we ran out of the garbage bags. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” She said.


To be perfectly honest, I like it when my boss is out because I could eat my favorite candies as much as I like. It’s not like she did not allow me to eat them but I can enjoy it more if I eat it when I’m alone in the store.

I went back to the counter. I saw a little girl had a quarrel with her little brother; I smiled because they reminded me of my little sister back home.

I took a bottle of water from my bag and drank them. I was totally parched; it surely is very hot day today. I lift my favorite candy, the bubble gum lollypop up. I smiled and smelled the sweet scent of it. I tore the wrap paper up ad put it in my mouth.

It is very heavenly! It surely is the best thing in the world.


In life you always have some visions or planning of the way your life will flow. I always have a vision that I would be the centre of attention in the sweets bouquet, making people smile by only seeing me. And then they will eat me with such joy and happiness. Then I would know that I have fulfilled my purpose in life.

It is so funny how the life went by. You may think you know everything but there is always something different and unexpected waiting at the end of the street.

It started with a happy moment and end with a tragedy. Well. It doesn’t matter now. Every good thing must come to an end and in the end it does not matter how those things end as long as you’ve enjoyed the other things that had came before it, which most people call life.

May 18, 2009.

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