donderdag 14 mei 2009

Amsterdam love boat


Forgot about the night. Slept tightly. Woke up late. No exact time recorded but late. Printed something something. Took the tram. Forgot the thingie. Went back. Took the tram again. Headed to the station. Preferred that one than this one. Lunch. Fat greasy lunch. Train. You there. Me window. You played me watched. Me took pictures. You played. Me music. You played. Amsterdam. Crowd. Happy crowd. Studio RAI. Vacant Jobs. Jobs. Bla. No speak Dutch no jobs. Bla. Bla. Parched. Friends. No friends. Bus. Lost. Lost. Creepy beggar. Lost. Lost. Argue. You why. Me because. You but. Me yeah well. Centre. Phonecalls. Friends. Yes friends. Dinner. Chinese. Full. Walk. Train. Conversation. Bla. Bla. Home. Cuddle.

space means joy
. means love

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