woensdag 10 december 2008

When 1+1=2 and nothing else

Hello is a first form of goodbye.
AU is naive.
Restaurant business is evil.
Rain is renewal.
Strawberry is liberating.
Marriage is only a matter of commitment and money.
True love is something(one) forbidden.
Geek is a very interesting form of human.
Hug is a blanket in the cold days.
French kiss is mesmerizing.
Sex is overwhelming.
Truth or Dare game is a torture.
Family is a bunch of uncool strangers you are related to.
Friend is a cool stranger you see and talk to every day.
Baby brother is a teddy bear.
Being drunk is being in a spinning box and waiting to throw up.
Keeping a diary is a form of checking all your to-do list.
Goodbye is a very cruel hello.

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