dinsdag 6 november 2007

Basic ingredients:
1 picture of cool leaves with certain position
689 g morning out in wasenaar
1.399 g severe cramps in my brain
589 g fuckin winter time
0.003 g nicotine
347 g superduper mellowdrama popular song
2007 g solitude

Stir em up and V O I L A!

U n r e q u i t e d.D i f f e r e n t.R e j e c t e d.L o n e l y.A p a r t.

No matter how hard you try there is always something that is not going right. With all these confusions suddenly you just want to curse this so called life.Like you have all the angers but you do not know whether you should hide it inside or blab it so the world is able to see.And you always and always try to feel better by manipulating yourself and somehow you could not stop making excuses for yourself in order to experience just a teeny tiny weeny guiltlessness. Indeed it is easier to blame other people while in fact the problem is inside you.

Pardon me for my intoxication.

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